Do You pay attention? Sometimes even I do. :-)

Very often 0ne has try her/his/its intuition. That's why I write here, something tells me, not that somebody can read, but that I will be understood. And my questions really concern all categories.
Many of you know that the raven is the most intelligent bird on earth, proven by not one and two experiments. Yes, RaveN is curious and often conflicting, but can eat a carcass that does not kill anyone, does a nature-friendly activity ... and because of all this is not a favorite bird for most people. You can check it with any poll anywhere else. :-)

1. If you write open source and if someone uses it and with a small add-on closes it, what do we do? Generally nothing. Have you heard anyone have been convicted of commercial code closure?
2. And yes, something unseen and it is certainly painful - first to go with discretion and without any and all premonition without announcing end goals. Or place yourself intermediate and marginal, so that you are not a priori undefined without wallpaper. Do you know how to do business abroad, start with a new idea and a lot of work? Easy with a gorgeous idea(s) and little Bit money :-). Sooner or later, this early propagated and proven thing will be stolen if it is lucrative, it is appropriated with greater capacity for development from the 'second wave guys or...bombarded (as with rebellious countries with some oil and other aimed to liquidity things under).
3. The Raven's core is laid on the work of BitC@in developers as seen in About - credited with nobody else. In memoriam? :-) I liked the ReaLeN's approach every time, when releasing at github it slashes to where the Wallpaper was realized. By the way, it seemed as ipfs mentioned and I liked it. This will become part of the big issue of centralization sooner or later. What does it mean? Centralization dies easier and sooner. Which one will die rather than the other - the universe or the earth (which globe, according to most religions is, and little Bit was the center of the universe)? They say that everything, even the ether or whatever it is called most small particle or wave...has the property of gravity. But the same ones are silent about the fact that their beloved Big Bang is the absolute primary antigravity point after n0th1ng. So Initially, there was antigravity. And if everything had gravity, the process of universe shrinking before the new big bang would be noticed. Is there any difference between weight and gravity? Of course. As we have pointed out above - not everything has gravitational properties. And now - if you digged out from the ground countless tones and fluid liters burned for energy and little carbon dioxide+ in the atmosphere (and other harmful gases and ash, incomparably lighter than the initial volume of the dug) what would happen with the sun earth ratio orbit? In the construction, pieces of (under)ground material is excavated or rarely synthesized outside and constructed onto another area. Almost no weight loss here. Just processing and moving, reconstructing the matter. Does burning gasoline (as an example) do not transform part of the weight into energy? Where and how does energy retain weight? And so on, all the interesting, basic questions of a rebellious birth. And please, do not immediately reach the arguments of eating, drinking, breathing versus the breeding, pissing and exhaling. Has anyone seriously considered his Majesty - The Brain, its atoms, the neurons, the network, the whole functioning architecture, and the gran* result - precestor, ancestor and itself - The Mind and its varous 'mindsets'?
4. The block is a unique chance to preserve, conserve art when it can be converted to digital state (only some synthesizers in music and computer sequencers are originally digital).

...I has to be continued, isn't it?

Ok, now it is time to think as searching engine...

I wrote it. So, who is the next✍?
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