Here is the cliff-notes version of what our team is working on during the month of June so that everyone can better see the progress being made. These updates will not include code or details on the processes that each dev is using, but it should at least provide some insight on the direction that things are going. Please let me know if there is anything that you can see that I can improve on. You can also see github commits and pull requests on the alpha code by visiting the Ravencoin Community Discord channel under the RSS feeds section.

Week ending 6/9/18
  • Finished asset data caching
  • Finished raw transaction API + assets
  • Fixed iOS wallet sync bug
  • Worked on increasing the block size from 1 MB to 2 MB
  • Working on the TXIndex working with assets
  • Working on bugs when using linux
  • Working on the ability to reissue assets
  • Re-enabled and debugged some integration tests
  • Added consensus rules for asset inputs and outputs
  • De-bugged miner tests
Week ending 6/22/18
  • Fixed issues with multiple functional tests
  • Completed asset name validation for ownership
  • Completed reissue assets
  • Added asset data to RPC calls
  • Updated asset caching
  • Updated block size
  • Working on getting iOS wallet ready for testing
  • Working on RAW RPC calls
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Was block size increase just for btc plans or something specific to assets?
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Roshii wrote:
Was block size increase just for btc plans or something specific to assets?

Did you get an answer in discord?

What does increase block size mean and why?

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The increase in block size was done primarily to allow more data per block once voting and dividends are implemented.  We expect that these two features alone will create a large number of new transactions, and it is better to make the size change now with the asset layer since it requires a hard fork.  Additionally, raven will be ready in the event that BTC adds features later (that are imported into raven) that requires a bigger block size.
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