In the spirit of increased transparency with what the dev teams are working on, I have created this post which will give the cliff-notes version of what our team is working on each week so that everyone can better see the progress being made. These updates will not include code or details on the processes that each dev is using, but it should at least provide some insight on the direction that things are going. I will regularly update this post, and maybe create a new one each month for better archiving, but let me know if there is anything in it that you can see that I can improve on.

Week ending 5/11/18
  • Developed a new workflow which will make the public repo more up-to-date for community viewing
  • Completed asset name validation
  • Determined the character limits/minimums for sub-assets
  • Excluded certain special characters from asset names for other uses
  • Set up burn addresses and began testing
  • Added the ability to transfer assets (in progress)
  • Added the ability to index all assets (in progress)
  • Working on creating JSON Spec for asset metadata
  • Working on adding ownership to assets/tokens
Week ending 5/18/18
  • Added the iOS wallet to test flight
  • Gathering data for iOS wallet to submit to Apple for approval
  • Tested and verified community pull requests
  • Fixed bugs affecting previously worked on sections
  • Completed transferring of assets
  • Completed ownership of tokens
  • Ran unit testing on current development code
  • Working on memory scaling
  • Working on the difference between unique assets and owner assets
Month ending 5/31/2018
  • Synced the private dev repo with the public 'develop' repo
  • Worked with the community to place a webhook on the 'develop' repo to have PR's show on discord
  • Working on transaction documentation
  • Working on caching asset data
  • Working on an iOS wallet sync bug
  • Working on raw transaction API + assets
  • Ran unit tests on current development code
  • Fixed bug affecting various sections
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Thanks for the updates. Got a question about the burn; what was decided after the discussion on how it will be handled? Thanks
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Vincent wrote:
Thanks for the updates. Got a question about the burn; what was decided after the discussion on how it will be handled? Thanks


Yeah same questions here, so how many coins will be burned?

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That has not been finalized yet.  There is an active thread here on the forums where you can join in or watch the discussion.
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Thanks for posting.  One thing I noticed when Bruce created his token - he had to write the actual legal document on a piece of paper.  Are the devs considering a mechanism for including legal documentation for a generated token within the blockchain itself (perhaps for an additional cost proportionate to the size of the data utilized)?   Might be worth thinking on.
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Fantastic updates. Thanks
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Looking forward to future updates
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