Hello, everyone. I bring exciting news about the asset layer! Assuming that everything goes smoothly, the binaries will be available to test the asset layer on testnet will be available for download on July 30th. Additionally, the target date for mainnet release has been tentatively set for October 31st. These dates give the community time to find any issues and for PR's to be processed - with October 31st also being the 1 year anniversary of the first Medium article about Ravencoin.
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Thanks for the update Chatturga! Can't help to wait debug!
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So good news Chatturga. 🙂

My associates and myself did presentation about blockchain for the students of School of Electrical Engineering from all over Europe which are enjoying Blockchain summer workshop in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Our team, Savo Lekic, Predrag Ristic and Ivan Jolicic did present the RavenCoin project, RavenCoin.World as sub-community of RavenCoin community together with the concept explanation, technical details, and brief explanation of the biggest Blockchain and crypto-currency projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum and few others.
More info I will post soon. Most important thing is that new engineers are familiar with RavenCoin project and few of them willing to participate in this project even in testnet stage. 😉

RavenCoin On!
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If anyone is interested in a more detailed synopsis of testnet/mainnet activation, you can check out a google doc written by Tron here:

He is also going to put it in the github for future reference.
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