This event was sponsored by and was held on 11th June 2018 in Podgorica, Montenegro, Eastern Europe. Topics were Blockchain concept explanation, with technical details and RavenCoin presentation as one of most promising newer Blockchain projects. 😉

The presentation was done for students of School of Electrical Engineering from all over Europe which are enjoying Blockchain summer workshop in Podgorica, Montenegro.


Our team presented the RavenCoin project, RavenCoin.World as sub-community of RavenCoin community together with the concept explanation, technical details, and brief explanation of the biggest Blockchain and crypto-currency infrastructural projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, PundiX and FuzeX as adoption encourage projects as well as few other projects.

Together with above topics we did our best to explain the technical and theoretical issues regarding installing mining pools based on YIIMP and MPOS open source codes, Stratum and the pool technology as important part of the 'Open ledger' principle of BlockChain.


More about this Blockchain event can find on this links:


Small parts of our presentation can be found on this links:




Montenegro BlockChain Foundation:

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