Dear all,

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Dedicated RavenCoin Mining Pool - Miners from EU, US, Asia... - All Welcome and Supported!

Options which will be added really soon:

Rig Offline Warning Email Option

Full RIG Statistics 

ZERO Fees - After Aug-01-2018, 0.5% Fee to be Applied and to be Used for the future RavenCoin.World Development

Open Source Script Used - Only The Truth can Expect from Real Ravens 😉
Github: Yiimp

More info about the team behind this pool can be found here:

Support Email:
Support Discord Channel: Join Discord

1. Payouts are made automatically, every 2 hours, for all balances above 0.1RVN.
2. During Weekends, Monday maximum, we will pay-out all balances above 0.01RVN.


ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet -p c=RVN.rigName

cgminer -k x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet -p c=RVN.rigName


Copy and adjust above example for your video card to your .bat file

* Not forget set on Afterburner Memory clock to 0 MHZ or similar and Core Clock to +50MHz or similar

Thanks and Regards

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Nice video manuals for new Ravens. 🙂
How to setup RavenCoin wallet: https://
How to mine RavenCoin: https://
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RavenCoin.World add 0.5% fee in order to support RVN listing on Bittrex. Big thanks to the negotiator from RVN community and to the Bittrex for listing RVN for FREE as 20000usd which needs to be donated are in fact money for legal papers work.
Also, big thanks to all pools who accepted pool fee to go to Bittrex 
Pool.RavenCoin.World - Let's Support RVN Listing @  
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