If you want to contribute to the Ravencoin project, we'd love your help.  Introduce yourself and let us know how you'd like to contribute.

Ravencoin is a community-driven project.
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Hi, I go by the name of "9-30am" because of a silly gaming incident. And I would like to contribute to the Ravencoin project by helping in writing posts, updates, or anything that relates to the English language! From a young age, I always did really well in my English classes and always liked learning about how the English language worked! Since then, I considered myself a "grammar-perfectionist" or "English-perfectionist". I always double check my spelling, grammar, and punctuation's before I submit any posts or work, and make sure my sentences flow and don't sporadically go off topic or jump to other ideas too unexpectedly. I do so because I want to use this language properly and to the best of my abilities!


I hope I can help out in any way possible! 😃

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Hey guys, I'm Skan, and I'm really big into the idea that some day, everything will be tokenized; and therefore fully accountable. Since I was a kid I've often tried to wonder how we would make things like the internet actual valid platforms for consensus, to make democracy more democratic via an open, egalitarian system; but in order to do that there was always a large hurdle to overcome, which is that activity could be fraudulent or manufactured. As we all know, blockchain technology could very well be the answer to that problem. I firmly believe that blockchain technology will join the ranks of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and smart machines to form the basis of the next generation of society. 

What drew me to RVN specifically was the rumored native asset layer, and plans to allow the easy tokenization and transfer of any asset. This concept of tokenizing assets and asic resistant, and therefore a more thoroughly democratic and free market concept, is the perfect marriage of ideology and use case. Improving on the technology of Bitcoin and refining it to be useful for the accountability of all things, is exactly my kind of jam. RVN was also the first and only coin I've ever mined myself, which was a really fun and educational experience. 

Unfortunately I don't have very much coding skill, but I am certainly eager to learn and contribute in any way I can. Being a part of a supportive and grassroots community like this is inspiring. Maybe I will learn some smart contract coding, and help with some RSK implementation! Solidity can't be too hard can it? ...

In any regard I will be helping in any way possible, including doing my best to foster this community into a healthy ecosystem of RVN supporters and developers.


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Hey folk, I'm Marco. Aerospace engineer with master in business administration working in quality assurance for ten years now. Owner and administrator of an Online Tech Magazine since 2006, in love with crypto and expert in mining. Lived for one year in the US but now I live in Italy. I beleived in this project since the first time I read about it. Started mining since beginning of march and never stopped. Hope to be a part of this universe.

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Hi guys, I have a lots of software project promotion experience. I intend to get some qty of Raven, same as all here I guess, and want to help spread this project and present it as a real one in this sea of COIN/ICO scam projects. Most of people are simple confused with this XYZ coins which number rise daily. People need help from us!

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Full Stack Dev. My primary focus is video game dev but build to help gamers mine crypto at home with their nvidia gpus. 

Raven has my attention because I want to work toward having game assets and other unique ids attached to a token that can be traded through the crypto space. In game items have value and having a unique token with a unique value attached is a requirement. ERC20 tokens don't solve this at all (they are all the same copy/paste coin).

I've also been working on IPFS experiments for other projects and saw you guys mentioning using IPFS in some way for meta data (linking the UTXO I assume to IPFS for meta data reference).

If there is already a design for these features I would like to give feedback on that. 

I'm also great a breaking things unintentionally. So giving me first dibs on something will normally weed out bugs pretty quickly. I don't even have to try, I just find bugs and yell at my screen 😉
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Hi Tron, I'm Joe, software engineer with degree in computer engineering and also blockchain enthusiast (self-learning). I'm very fascinated with the concept of Ravencoin and how you and Bruce develop//introduce it to the community. It was one of the first project that keeps me thinking about the possibilities of services//businesses that I could build upon Ravencoin to enrich the ecosystem in the long term. I have experience in software development (full-stack) so I can help contribute on any work in that field right away. But I also have experience in C/C++ and want to learn more about blockchain development as well. So, shortly, any kind of coding (especially blockchain development) I will be very excited to help and learn.

Thank you for the opportunity.
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Hello, guys. I am Bruce and I'm currently a university student. I happen to know ravencoin from my friends recently. It is an interesting project and the dev team doesn't hold any tokens, which is very rare in blockchain ecosystem. Many teams are doing ICOs or pre-Mined to make money and there are so fewer people who actually keep working and developing.
That's why I would like to contribute to this project. 

Besides, my team is doing our final project on FPGA ravencoin mining. So I would be quite familiar after we have finished it. What's more, I am quite fluent with c++ and python and I have done some research on cross-chain protocol. Glad to contribute!
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Hello all,

I'm Dan, based in the UK and I am a full time Security Analyst with 16 years experience, currently working in the insurance industry. My focus is on Linux/Windows/Networking/Firewalls etc. I'm keen to lend my skill set where possible to this project which I am heavily invested in. I've already made a post about DNSSEC for

I've done a fair bit of UX and UI testing along with work in the past too.

Happy to help with anything and everything

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Hi guy's. 

My name is Edmund.  I am a South African citizen.  I am a crypto enthusiast, think tank contributor and until recently a RVN fan.
(Circa 25 Feb 2019)
I must say that I am looking forward to where Crypto will take us.

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