I'm sure the dev team noticed the huge difficulty spikes the last days. I would like to ask if the team can share a statement if this is considered a problem and if so when a solution is expected. 

I think this is a serious issue because the blocks per minute is already four times lower. Mining is less profitable and already causing lower network hashrate.

What's the opinion of the dev team? Why not retargeting the difficulty every 1 or few blocks instead of the current high number?

I'll keep mining because I like to support the network but am afraid voor problems like Electroneum and hope to see a solution sooner then later.
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Hey LiberLeo, in case you didn't see, the core devs have implemented Dark Gravity Wave into the testnet for testing, they are aware and working on getting this solved
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DGW activated at 338778.  It should solve the difficulty swings.
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