I am looking for information/documentation on using RVN for launching corporate assets.  Are there any?
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was just about to ask this
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The upcoming RPC commands are listed in the roadmap (scroll to bottom). The feature set is not yet released. According to the whitepaper the estimate is 7 months from launch which was in January.
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Tron wrote good piece about the token economics on medium.

“Ravencoin — Proof of Promises”
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So with the asset launch, if I understand this correctly, when the switch is flipped, we will not be able to register assets for another ~1.5 days or so?  There is or will be no concept of a countdown clock where individuals can register assets?

Is there a way, with a few JSON RPC commands I could possibly manually monitor this according to the doc above? or get an idea (within a 30 minute window), when this will be possible?  I can write a script and share (countdown to assets).
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Yes, there is a countdown displayed on the qt.  

getblockchaininfo rpc call will give you info on the block on which assets will activate.  First it will “lock-in” and then 2016 blocks later  (~1.4 days) it will activate. 
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