I am looking for dedicated RVN supporters to volunteer here as moderators. 

  • You will be required to work independently, following only basic moderation guidelines.
  • You will be expected to act with integrity and carry yourself professionally, as we are representing the community as a whole in some capacity.
  • You will be expected to be a helpful, active member of the community.
  • You must not put your own self interests over those of the community nor abuse your power, we are only here to facilitate the growth of the community.
  • Community management experience is a plus.
If you are interested, please message me. Tell me about yourself, what you know and like about RVN, and why you would be a good pick for moderator at Ravencointalk.

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I’m down to help.  The TGram chat needs help too, sign me up.  
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Can mod on Telegram
I swim in the Crypto Aquarium and make reports for CoinNews
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I'd be happy to help on here abs Telegram. 
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Hey Skan,

I'd be happy to help out both here as well as telegram. I would be able to dedicate up to an hour a day to help out.
If fiat isn't real. What do we have to lose? 
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Hi Skan, I would be happy to be a moderator here at raventalk. I think you have enough People for telegram, right?
I could moderator a couple of Sub categories including the german one. I speak fluent german and english.
Just let me know.

Kind regards

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Hey! Let me know if you're still looking for help here. As you know I run the Ravencoin.Shop site for the community and am very active on Discord so happy to help here if needed.
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OK, count me in, please.
I am techy as hell. Been mining since 2011 - can really help some users out to begin mining and answer basic to advanced level questions. 

I am planning on running an asset for my mining farm for people who want to invest into the business and get proportional rewards from profits. 

Currently working in a corporation in the fashion industry and am rather bored after spending 8 years here already. 


I would love to be a mod for RavenCoin - I believe in the longevity of the platform and a bright future for all holders. 

Please consider me for the MOD position. 

- xnerdyx.

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