I have 4 questions.
1.pc wallet ----> iphone app...I moved several assets at once to the iphone app from pc wallet. However, only one is shown in the iphone app, the rest is not displayed at all, and the pc wallet has no asset movement at all.
I have confirmed the message that the asset move is unapproved and that it is staying in the mempool. It has already been several days, but nothing has changed.
2.Pc wallet worked normally at first but one day suddenly the synchronization does not work. I can not connect to the peer, so synchronization does not work at all. I upgraded to the latest version but it still does not work.
3.Was the no.1 problem caused by no.2 problems?
4.Is it time for the mobile app to sync in the long run? I took 18 hours. What's wrong?
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Please try update iOS application via TestFlight.
RVN Wallet 1.1.2 (50) is ready to test on iOS
https://twitter.com/RavenCoinWorld/status/1114223034259394560 https:// https://twitter.com/RavenCoinWorld/status/1114223034259394560twitter.com/RavenCoinWorld/status/1114223034259394560
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thank you for your apply.
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