I recently sent 1000 sub assets to a Mobile Ravencoin wallet.
The transaction was successful but the asset does not display in the app.  Any help?
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The Android app does not YET support assets. 

The assets are not lost, but the Android has no ability to show them or to send them.

If you need them right away, here is the solution:
1. Make sure you have your 12-words
2. Visit and enter your 12-words
3. Hit the BIP32 tab and enter m/0'/0 for the Derivation path.
4. Scroll down until you see addresses. 
5. Enter those addresses here: until you see your asset.
6. Take the private key for the address (to the right of the address on bit bip44 page) and import it into the core client.
    To import:
       1. Go to Help->Debug Window in Core Client (Linux, Mac, or Windows), then [Console] tab
        2.  Type importprivkey <privkey>    (wait for it to scan the chain for your asset)

The other option is to wait until the Android Mobile Wallet supports assets and the do a "sync" and it will find the assets.

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Thank you sir.
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