The following is a list of pull requests, issues, and enhancements being made to the Ravencoin project by developers as of August 1st, 2018. These notes do not include code or details on the processes that each dev is using, but it should at least provide some insight on the direction that things are going. You can also see github commits and pull requests by visiting the Ravencoin Community Discord channel under the RSS feeds section.

Week ending 8/10/18

  • PR opened to create documentation for a manual static build guide for cross-compiling static build
  • Rebased commits on the github master branch to separate inherited bitcoin commits made prior to the Ravencoin fork.
  • Work done on Fedora 28 x64 support
  • Work done on multiple issues affecting the asset layer on testnet
  • Corrected multiple minor bugs and document typos
  • PR closed for issues with Ravencore wallet MacOS
  • PR closed for fixing issues with syncing Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) on testnet
  • PR closed to Add -fPIC as default on Linux builds to make compiling easier
  • PR closed to Add NONCE to miner_tests for more robust testing
  • PR closed to Add sub-assets rpc and to fix ownership asset database problem
  • PR closed to Implement sub-assets
  • PR closed to Add $ to ens of regex for better compatibility
  • PR closed to Rename AssetType CHANNEL to MSGCHANNEL to alleviate some edge-case compatibility issues
  • PR closed to adjust DGW parameters
  • PR closed for the ability to create sub-assets via RPC and fix issues with large asset transactions
  • PR closed to Wrap AssetType in a namespace
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