Hello, I would like to thank all of the ravencoin community and the developers for creating ravencoin and allowing the project to take flight. As a fan, follower, and miner of ravencoin since the launch of the project, I have always wanted to do more to support the project but I lack programming skills. I know that running full nodes for blockchains like bitcoin and ravencoin is not something that the average coin holder does. I understand these nodes are not like running a masternode or securenode, which I am able to do. How could I or other supporters create and run a ravencoin full node safely? I have heard it may be risky to do so from your own home (at least in the case of bitcoin). I would greatly appreciate advice, instructions, or even links to existing guides that explain how to set up a full node properly and what steps should be taken mitigate any security risks that exist when running a full node.

Always looking to learn new things especially if I can support something I would like to see succeed as well. I think many people would be open to running full nodes if they understood how, what is required, and how they can make sure they are not at risk by keeping a full node live and running.

Thanks in advance for any information or help!

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