Hey all! As you may have already seen my announcement on Discord, I've just launched! We've gotten designs from community members for all products being sold on the site, plus some designs I've created. The goal of the site is to help raise money to fund community lead initiatives to help grow Ravencoin! All profits will be donated back to the community (after operating costs for the website are covered), I am not profiting from this in any way!

I'd love to get the community's support for this site!

There's also 2 promotions running on the site:
1. 15% OFF your entire order
2. I personally am giving away up to 3,000 RVN for those that place an order today for our launch.The details of this promo are visible on the homepage

Let me know if you have any questions! And come on over to get your Ravencoin branded gear!
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Cant wait to get my shirt and HODL it
Kosher As Christmas
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Hey everyone - Big thanks to @Rothbard for donating his 1,000 RVN prize!! I have matched that to run a 2,000 RVN giveaway promo today! Same rules apply as yesterday, place an order, follow RavencoinShop on Twitter & Facebook and DM me your order ID and I'll randomly pick 2 winners to get 1,000 RVN each at midnight tonight.
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Great job Krupte! Will definitely be picking some stuff up! 
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Just an update for everyone that I've added some new designs to the shop from the last contest! The new designs added are the "Grunge Raven" and "Silver Ravencoin". The Grunge Raven has been a hot seller, quite a few people have picked up shirts with this design. Would appreciate continued support for the shop. I'll be doing financial reporting at the end of this month once I close the books with the vendors for the first month and will report how much is being donated to the community.
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