Hello! Welcome to RavencoinTalk, an open community where developers and supporters can come together to talk about RVN.

Below you will find basic moderation principles that will work as guidelines for the moderators here to follow when supervising discussion. These policies, much like the RVN project itself, are a living breathing concept that will evolve over time along with the community in order to better suit our needs:

 1. Open & Honest DiscussionIn this community, users are encouraged to discuss topics freely, and as long as they can maintain the basic conduct necessary to facilitate an open and productive conversation, moderation should not be overbearing. It is important to only moderate when necessary as not to stifle discussion or dilute the purpose of the forum; which is to be an open and honest gathering place for earnest RVN supporters to exchange ideas freely.

2. Basic Conduct Expectations : Most moderation will be enforcing basic conduct expectations, which are designed to keep this a clean, honest, and open community:

  • Offensive and NSFW Material : This type of content is prohibited from being posted on this community, and will be deleted in order to ensure a pleasant and safe-for-work environment in which to exchange ideas.
  • Disrespectful / Aggressive Posts : These types of posts are a waste of time and server-space, and will be deleted. They also stifle productive discussion.
  • Vapid / Drive-By Posts / Spam : Posts that have no value or with none other than to trash something that also make zero effort to support the post or idea therein will be removed, to keep discussion focused and keep the forum clean of spam.
  • Self-Promotion / Referrals : Self-promotion within the context of something more important or interesting is okay, but spamming promotional material or referral links with no purpose other than to gain from that promotion/those referrals will be deleted.

3.  Transparency : This community is meant to support other communities, and in order to do so needs to be truly open to feedback and criticism. In order to be able to evolve along with the community, we always welcome you to reach out to us with questions or concerns, and we will do our best to get back to you as best we can. You can also make suggestions or give us feedback in the Ravencoin Talk (Meta) forum

Thank you for your time! Now let's build!

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