The Ravencoin v2.0.4 wallet binaries are now available and can be downloaded at

This update will enable the Dark Gravity Wave difficulty adjustment for mining, contains the code for the asset layer that will begin activation on October 31st, and it fixes a few bugs found after v2.0.3 was released.

*IMPORTANT!* The DGW adjustment will activate on block 338778, which will result in a hard-fork of the ravencoin chain. Please apply the v2.0.4 binary updates as soon as possible in order to ensure that your wallets are on the correct chain after the fork. Anyone not using the new software upon the activation at block 338778 will be "forked off" and will remain on the counterfeit blockchain.

Common Questions:
What do I need to do to update my wallet?
Step 1. Backup the old wallet so you will have a backed up .dat file
Step 2. Download the new wallet (see the link above)
Step 3. Extract/Install the new raven-qt
Step 4. Run raven-qt and verify that you are syncing correctly to the blockchain.
* If you are not able to see your coins, import that backed up .dat file into the wallet.
If you need additional support go to #wallet-support channel of the Ravencoin Community discord server.

Do I need to update my paper wallet(s)?
No. You control the keys to your funds with a paperwallet, which you will import to an updated wallet when you decide to access the funds.

What will happen if I don't update?
If you don't update your wallet it will remain on the old chain, and any coins on that wallet will not be accessible on the new chain. The coins will not be lost, but you will not be able to access them on the new chain until you update the wallet.

How does this affect people who are mining?
If you are mining via a mining pool, it will not affect your abililty to mine because the updates will be done on the pool side. However, if your mining payouts are going to an old wallet, you will not be able to access them on the new chain until you update that wallet.

What if I have already updated to v2.0.3?
If you have already updated to v2.0.3 and you can see your coins after syncing to the blockchain then you will not need to update again. (though it wouldnt hurt). If you are experiencing issue when attempting to sync to the blockchain or when activating the QT client, you will need to update.
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