Our new pool has been open for about a week now and is growing fast, really fast.

Important Facts And Features

PPLNS payment system: Read about it here:
1% Fee
Anti-DDOS: Yes
Global Footprint: Hosted on Anycast network for lower latency in EU and NA
Location: Amsterdam
Hosted In The Cloud: We just saw Suprnova go down for 8+ hours because of hardware failure. This is I put our server in the cloud. We do not have downtime caused by hardware failure.


Our UI Explained:

The pool has tripled in hash in the past week and we are up around 15-20GH, that hash continues to rise. Our Discord is active and fun and I am usually around to help you out with any issues or questions there. The pool is consistently under development by myself and my partner, we do not reply on the pools creator or GitHub in order to add, improve, or fix issues.

Discord a few times a week we have contests such as:

These have been great fun, and more are coming soon!

Features In Progress

- Notifications system, both email and Discord for things like block hit, payout sent, and miner down.
- Android and Iphone APP that also will have monitoring, alerts, and statistics from the pool.
- A bunch of UI improvements and features.

Hope to see some of you there!
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