Community member Jeroz pointed out a really cool company a few weeks ago that let's you send RVN via *TEXT* to someone else. The company is called CoinText, and they have recently set up RVN on their United States network. If we can show them that the community is excited about this application, they may be able to enable it on other networks. They have had this service for BCH, DASH, and LTC for some time, so its not new - it's just new to Raven.

Tron, Ravencoindev, Jeroz, and myself have all tested it to send to a SMS phone number as well as a full public key, so it's looking really promising. All you do is text 603-301-4606 (again, just on U.S. networks for now) "Send <amount> <address or phone number>." The devs gave me the ok this morning to put it out to the community. The company's site is if you want to check it out, but keep in mind that the site was set up for BCH, so the info for Raven hasn't been added to it yet.
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